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I can’t thank Laura and her team enough for their support. As a small business owner I was trying to do everything myself for so long, even though it wasn’t my genius and is simply stressful and overwhelming. When I decided to invest in the support, instantly Laura made me feel peace, she understood my overwhelm and knew exactly how to support me, step by step so that she could eliminate the overwhelm and help me actually see what was happening, train me so I am empowered, and actually get me on top of my financials.

She has been incredibly patient with me, flexible, supportive and empowering. As my business has shifted and morphed and changed, Laura has continued to shift and morph to be able to support me also.

Now that all the stress around my books has gone, my client sessions are so much more powerful, I am in love with my business again, because I just get to be ME, and work within my genius, and Laura and her team get to work within their genius and do what they love! It is so much better than trying to do everything myself. I love that someone else has such a passion for finances, so I can keep focused and enjoy my passions.

It all works flawlessly, my systems are clear, precise, and handled quickly each month. It’s the freakin’ BEST.

My only wish is that I started working with Laura from the very beginning, and saved myself years of stress.

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