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Which Accounting Software Should I Use?

It’s no surprise that we absolutely love accounting software. There is nothing like software that makes your bookkeeping and business life easier…. but there are a lot of options out there to choose from, so which accounting software should you use?

After lengthy investigation and testing we recommend (and now specialise in) Xero and Quickbooks Online (QBO).

Both Xero and Quickbooks offer free trials. If you would like to check them out follow these links:

Both accounting platforms often have great deals for new customers available only certified partners, such as Adroit Business Solutions, so make sure you check with your bookkeeper, accountant or BAS agent (or us if you would like to work with us) to see if there are any specials going before you sign up to use these or any other accounting software platform.

If you want to know more about XERO or Quickbooks Online, or which system we would recommend for your particular business, ask us here.

Quickbooks Online Certified Advisor - Melbourne Partner
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What Would You Recommend For Tracking My Time?

Tsheets Pro recommended time tracking software

A majority of people in business need some sort of time tracking. Time tracking can be used in a number of ways:

  • to make sure you stick to the allocated time you set to get the job completed,
  • to assist with accurate invoicing,
  • a timesheet solution for your employees or contractors.

I know this has been the best thing I have invested in! I absolutely LOVE Tsheets. I would go as far as saying it is, in my opinion, the best time tracker on the market! If you sign up through this link you will receive 10% off the cost for the first 12 months. How great is that!

Want To Get Serious About Marketing Your Business?

Learn To Do It Your Way!

Shannon Bush Market to Thrive Online Marketing Program

I had the honour of participating in Shannon Bush’s program Market To Thrive.  Shannon offers the program 3-4 times a year to a select group of women in business.  It’s focused on you getting really clear about what she calls your “marketing foundations” so you can then set yourself up to market you and your business with greater ease.  It’s a balanced mix of mindset, marketing and ways to become genuinely more magnetic.  I loved everything I learned and I also got an amazing bonus from connecting with the others in the group.  I can’t recommend this program enough.

Find out more about Market to Thrive here.

Want To Step Up With Your Finances? Then This Is For You

This is something very special for female entrepreneurs who want to get their money issues under control.

Sylvia Chierchia is an amazing Financial Coach and her online program is one of the best ways to start this process. Delivered in bite-sized pieces, which can be done one week at a time, it delivers great results and I highly recommend it.

Have a look at Sylvia’s online program ‘Become A Money Boss’ here.

Sylvia Chierchia Money Boss Online Program for Women In Business

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