The Adroit Business Solutions team of experienced professionals strive for excellence in money management and thrive on creating profitable business strategies for their clients

Laura Elkaslassy - Bookkeeper Profit First Professional Melbourne

Laura Elkaslassy

Founder of Adroit Business Solutions, Laura Elkaslassy, has over ten years experience in finance and bookkeeping, and she’s passionate about educating and mentoring her clients in developing skills to gain control their business finances, create a profitable and thriving business, and in turn create more time to work ON their business rather than IN it.

Laura thoroughly enjoys feeling proud of her clients as she witnesses their business successes while helping them to continue to make a positive difference in the world through their business.

Laura believes in the importance of doing what you love and sustaining a sense of fulfillment.

Having a fascination with doing things differently you’ll find Laura is most definitely a pioneer when it comes to the ways to work with business owners and their money. She’s proudly known as the Profit Pioneer because, as Laura explains:

“My mission and passion is to ensure solo and small business owners not only understand what is happening in their business but also that they make a profit.


I do this by guiding and teaching business owners how to implement innovative, practical and outcome driven strategies and solutions that are often at the forefront of money management and growth initiatives for small business.”

When it comes to money management Laura values sharing her life experiences and lessons, including her own experiences with debt and how she started again with nothing after living in Italy and Israel. Laura says:

“When talking about money and debt, it’s important to remove the feelings about it and emotion attached to it. It’s not so much the debt, but how it makes you feel. We get into a cycle of feeling really awful about being in debt or not having our money in order.


Once we’ve transformed how you feel and made a plan to sort out whatever is underlying your circumstances, then it’s all doable.


We’re all human beings and we need money to live. We need to learn manageable processes to use and conserve money so we can enjoy our lives and let go of money fear and worry.”

Laura’s Credentials & Industry Memberships

  • Registered BAS agent with the Tax Practitioners Board
  • Full member of the Institute of Certified Bookkeeper
  • Full member of Australian Bookkeepers Network
  • Certificate IV in Bookkeeping

Outside of the office, Laura is mum to a gorgeous little boy, she enjoys teaching Israeli dancing, loves quiet time with a great coffee and good book. Laura has lived in many places around the world and is an avid traveller. While her primary language is English, Laura is also fluent in Hebrew and Italian.

As your Profit Pioneer, Laura thrives on guiding and teaching business owners such as yourself exactly how to implement innovative, practical and outcome driven strategies and solutions

The Adroit Bookkeeping Team

Delaney van Baalen - Bookkeeper Profit First Professional Australia



Delaney Van Baalen

Delaney oversees the team from the northern suburbs of Perth, where she lives with her two pre-teen daughters.  She loves bringing organisation and structure to chaos.  Call her ‘thorough’ or ‘pedantic’ and you’ll make her a very happy girl.

Her love of numbers and accounting started in high school and through to university.  Her background is in cashflow forecasting software and she loves getting up to speed with the needs of new clients.

Guilty pleasure  Anything with lemon in it, preferable a dessert of some kind.
3 words to describe you Tall, Sarcastic and Organised
Your most useless talent I can do half a rubik’s cube.
One thing that you would love to do, eat or see Peace and quiet, a milky cup of tea and a good book.
Desired super power  The ability to tidy up after my children with the click of my fingers.


Delaney van Baalen - Bookkeeper Profit First Professional Australia




Sally Hurst

Sally recently moved to Toowoomba in Queensland from living regionally for more than 15 years. She has been making the most of her big city life. She has a husband, 2 children (8 and 9) and has 2 very needy dogs! Her family and friends are the most important to her and now that she lives close to them, she is making the most out of it through tons of catching up.

Guilty pleasure A rum and coke ( true Queenslander style – Bundaberg rum )  
 Doesn’t happen very often but when with the right company – goes down a treat
3 words to describe you Persistent, Resilient and Well-rounded
Your most useless talent Knowing the words to songs off by heart.
One thing that you would love to do, eat or see

I LOVE good food, a fabulous restaurant with food I didn’t cook, surrounded by my loved ones is my favourite thing.  My aim is to do it more this year. Or going to a musical.

Desired super power  To eat whatever I wanted without gaining a kilo! Imagine! 


Delaney van Baalen - Bookkeeper Profit First Professional Australia




Julie Dyball

Julie has worked in bookkeeping and finance  for most of her adult life. Puzzles are nothing but fascinating to her. She would definitely give any puzzle a go. She believes this is why she is a bookkeeper. She is married with two children and two dogs. There are times that she finds her family crazy but it is just the way she likes it. She loves corny jokes, especially dad jones. But in their house, it is called mum jokes which she thinks are real eye rollers.

Guilty pleasure Coffee and Chocolate
3 words to describe you Honest, Caring and Reserved
Your most useless talent Making a face with a cabbage patch doll
One thing that you would love to do, eat or seeReading
Desired super power Teleporting


Delaney van Baalen - Bookkeeper Profit First Professional Australia



Kaz Taylor

Kaz lives with her partner in the Sydney suburb of Penrith NSW. Her family is her world. She has 3 adult children, 1 grandchild, 2 dogs, a cat and a fish. They hangout just doing simple things which she loves. This includes barbecue in the backyard, picnics and weekends away. Her love for bookkeeping has given her great opportunities where she also met and worked with amazing people. She feels quite chuffed to know that she has been a part of their journey in creating the business and lifestyle that they love.

Guilty pleasure Online Shopping & Reality TV
3 words to describe you Kind, Fun, and Hard-working
Your most useless talent I can pick things up with my toes and I am pretty good at Wordle.
One thing that you would love to do, eat or seeAbsolutely love my animals, especially my pug, Frank and spending time with my man and grandson.
Desired super power I would love to be able to fly.


Delaney van Baalen - Bookkeeper Profit First Professional Australia



Kim Herman

Kim lives in Perth, WA with her husband and 2 teenage children. She is a massive animal lover and adores her pet cat, Koko. Her cat keeps her company on the days that she is taking care of her clients’ bookkeeping.

Guilty pleasure Chocolate coated liquorice bullets cheese & wine
3 words to describe you Big-hearted, Intuitive and Loves to celebrate people’s wins
Your most useless talent I can make my nostrils flare in & out without moving anything else. 
One thing that you would love to do, eat or seeMassive Marvel Avengers fan
Desired super power I would love for all people to feel and know that they are enough. 


Delaney van Baalen - Bookkeeper Profit First Professional Australia



Seona Thulin

Seona recently relocated from Central Queensland to her home state, Perth. She is a busy mum of four (soon to be five). Her idea of a downtime is sitting in her office with a complicated Xero file which she mentioned sounds crazy but she loves it. She loves to be able to get the clients’ files up to  date, accurate and compliant. To add, she likes looking at ways that will help streamline processes so that businesses are able to always have accurate and up to date financial data on hand when they need to make strategic business decisions.

Guilty pleasure Coffee, coffee and Coffee oh and coffee
3 words to describe you Dependable, Practical and Honest
Your most useless talentTrying to lolly snake into a knot in my mouth without using my hands
One thing that you would love to do, eat or seeTaking my kids somewhere new and sharing their wonder and excitement in the litte things around us
Desired super power Teleport- What a great way to see the world!


Delaney van Baalen - Bookkeeper Profit First Professional Australia




Krisztina Szabo- Rohonczi

Krisztina is a workaholic who aims to work in achieving a better work- life balance. She is a sunshine-lover, a number-nerd, traveler and  a mum of two pre-teens.

Guilty pleasure Steam sauna & Jacuzzi
3 words to describe you Giving, Diligent & Meticulous
Your most useless talentThat’s hard.. no talent whatsoever.
One thing that you would love to do, eat or seeGOOD Italian Pizza
Desired super power Teleportation


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